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#661352 Jul 25, 2008 at 09:40 PM
Hello Impulse!

I would like to join you, so here is some information about me and about my character:
Real Life: I am 19 years old, I come from Slovakia /The little country in the middle of Europe/.
I study at university and work in some food restraurant. I have no hobbies or girlfriend, which may distract me from the game :)

WoW and my history:
I am not from this realm, currently on Drakthul. I ve been playing WoW for 3 years now, and i have no life at all. I am used to raid 4-5 days a week, friday or saturday excluded cause of my work. Ok so something to my guilds: Since Tbc release, i was in 3 guilds. In my first one, we made a solid progress through ssc and tk, it was in summer 2007. The guild disbanded, because many players quit or went casual. So I took a little break and after some weeks of farming and spending evenings in Ironforge, I joined my second guild. Been there only for 1 month, cause it disbanded too, but I was able to complete my Attunement for Hyjal Summit and Black Temple. Then I was invited into guild, which had been progressing BT and hyjal, and I stayed there till the very end of it. I learnt all the content, farmed my gear and so on. I am Protection specced atm, but got really decent /at least imo, as long as i was collecting fury gear as my offspec gear and it was hard/ fury gear. Here are the links:
Some words to my talents.. I got this for small instance tanking, I think its better to remove points from thunder clap and taunt(as it is useless in 25men) and put it into Impr heroic strike and devastate for more aggro.
Some words to my gear.. The neck from karazhan is really a bad item on me.. But I killed RoS for about 25times and the neck never never dropped. It makes me mad, really. Also the trinkets from gurtogg and kael in mgt hero(visited it for about 20times too).
Was playing mainly on dodge rating combined with stamina, but now in sunwell the npcs have the freaking buff for avoiding 20perc of dodge, so now I am mostly going for parry combined with stamina.
Fury Equip
Got many items from BT and hyjal, think its enough for BT and maybe sunwell. Hit 232 and crit 31 (in prot talents)

So why I want to leave Drakthul ?
Its very simple. I made really good friends there, but many left the game already and many moved to another servers. Also, about 95 perc of population there is from Slovakia/Czech republic and I cant stand them anymore.
Why I want to come to Kazzak?
I ve seen, and I ve heard, its one of the best european realms, with very good progression, mature players and good guilds.
Why I want to join Impulse ?
Well, thats obviously the hardest thing to answer. Since i am not from this server, I dont know anyone in here or on the server. I am just looking for a cool guild with nice people and some progress over time. Gear can be epic, Friendship can be legendary and I think, that relationships and friendship > Gear and epics.

Some bonus info :)
Our epic gem vendor was completed only today. It sucks, and I am ashamed. I have about 150 badges in my backpacks, waiting to be spent. So i can buy many gems and put them into fury gear to get a little boost. Its no problem. Also, i am very active, and willing to farm heroics/kara for another badges if necessary.
My raiding progression stopped on Illidan, which I never tanked, I was there only as a fire resistance tank. We were trying Kalecgos, but the boss is a little harder, our officers started to argue and stuff like that and my guild went down...
I am always prepared for raids, 2h, 20-30 sta food or strength/AP food. Also, nightmare feeds and rage potions are my usual companions while raiding.
I have 2 other 70s on Drakthul, hunter (pvp) and shaman. I never played any pvp with warrior, i was always prot specced.

I will tank for you or I will kill for you, I dont care :)
Hoping to hear soon from you.
Greetings, Avshar
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