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#860100 Oct 11, 2008 at 08:10 AM
Hi everyone.
Name: Kasper
Age: 15
From: Sweden.

have 1 alt, a lvl 63 rogue on Kazzak

Character info
41/0/20 atm have 836 spelldamage and 29.31% crit with talents.
wowarmory isn't updated from when I migrated so can't link
My experience:
have cleared all up to TK where I haven't killed Kael 6/6 ssc 3/5 MH and 2/9 BT 0/6 SWP
have a resto gear worth to mention. 1969 healing 10.5k mana about 400-450 mp5
Proffs: Mining+Engineering both maxed
Previous guild and reason for leaving: Horizons on Deathwing so left cause I migrated

I can raid friday saturday every week but the other days am I not sure about, football monday tuesday wednesday but thursday sunday should be fine

Please tell me if there's something missing

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