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#955528 Nov 24, 2008 at 12:56 AM
About me:
From: Poland (but livin in UK)
Age: 23
Occupation: Studying Computer Games at Brighton University.

In WoW stuff:
My characters name is Protonus. I am a lvl 80 paladin for quite a while.
My WoW adventures started long ago in US Betas over 4 years ago. Back then I tested a lot of classes but when retail came I focused on the best one.


So Im playing my paladin for quite some time now. Spent lots of time as a Healadin in Circle of Light(former leader: Nadie) at Shadowmoon(EU) and then we migrated to Magtheridon(EU). After some time when CoL disbanded I moved on to stonger and better guilds. Just before the release of Naxxramas I got myself to one of the best guilds on Magtheridon back then: "Sigil" There I managed to get experience in Naxxramas up untill 4hm and Ive decided to quit WoW because of incoming expansion. In TBC I did purchase a new account but I was 100% casual. Managed to see instances like TK, SSC, MH(4/5) and BT(5/9). Now with WotLK here I decided to go pro again. I was one of the 1st lvl 80 paladins on alliance side and I am ready to rock:)

My specc is not specified :) It can be whatever u wish it to be.
I have 3 sets of armor:
My favourite spec. Got a mixture of rare/epic items from heroics + repuation awards. The link to the armory represents me in the current spec.

Never was a prot before but I am not affraid to try. My Protection gear also consists mainly of Reputation awards and rares from Heroics.

Was Holy for years in preTBC instances. Im well experienced and skilled with it. My Holy gear is epic quality from 10 man NX and also blue quest rewards and heroic rares.

On top of that I already have 100 Emblems of Honor ready to be traded for my 1st t7 pieces.
My reputations are mostly revered and exalted with Wymcrest and Agent Crusade(apropos the rep rewards quality).
So I am ready to specc any way You like. The fact is that Retri is my favourite specc and my ultimate WoW life goal is claiming frostmourne one day.

Feel free to ask any additional questions in game since I am online a lot.

Thanks for reading.
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