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(Jul 18, 2008)
Hey there, spoke to puff about my new adress but my current ISP says that my internet should be up and running sometime during the next week. Cya then!
(Jul 16, 2008)
Having net problems, don't know if I can raid today. The net turn off then back on in the matter of a couple of seconds...
(Jul 08, 2008)
Might be late today some minutes.
(Jul 04, 2008)
Having some problems with my graficcard, will fix it to sunday:) else ill tell some1 //peace
(Jul 02, 2008)
lol amber:P
(Jul 02, 2008)
having problem with my dns resolve on my gamingpc, just stopped work. doin what i can to fix it asap
(Jul 02, 2008)
fuck me choice lol at that jumped out my seat
(Jul 01, 2008)
damn you tree, scared the shit out of me
(Jul 01, 2008)
no you suck @ making polls :p
(Jul 01, 2008)
Can anyone see the Poll I posted? I'm not allowed to vote >:(::
(Jun 30, 2008)
(Jun 30, 2008)
(Jun 30, 2008)
Me is back in the house!:P
(Jun 28, 2008)
'Shaman: Totems will affect the entire raid!' :o
(Jun 27, 2008)
Is WoW Working atm? Isn't for me.. Don't continue at Authenticating..
(Jun 26, 2008)
Got an interview with a possible new roomie at 19:30, will be late
(Jun 13, 2008)
its like its not working this here shout thingie